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Critical Care

Critical care software


Capture, manage and report the vast amount of data generated in your ICU. MetaVision ICU offers complete electronic medical records and powerful clinical decision support. The result?
Better patient care, fewer errors and timely intervention.



Complex workflow, multiple data streams, unique requirements – the critical care environment is demanding. These specialized units call for specialized functionality in order to deliver positive outcomes.  Let our expertise and experience drive your ICU results.


Easily manage your patient population. Make informed decisions and prioritize tasks for all patients in your care. See dynamic groups of patients based on defined variables. Associate patients with a group of clinicians regardless of their physical unit.


  • Reduce errors

    Fewer complications & adverse drug events

  • Save time

    Reduce administrative burden

  • Maximize reimbursement

    Accurate documentation & automated coding

  • Improve compliance

    Embed and enforce best practices & protocols

  • Produce research

    Rich data source for clinical studies


Maximize the value of your data

Protocol-based alerts at the point of care

Enhance patient care with smart notifications about changes in patient status. Identify patient deterioration and risk for conditions such as sepsis and hyperglycemia.

Improve compliance with reminders about quality-related actions.

Increase financial benefits with prompts about missing billing information and about alternative, less expensive medication options.

Streamline data collection and export for government and private regulatory agencies

Decrease time spent on data collection. Identify and track departmental performance indicators. Easily comply with regulatory reporting requirements.

Rich data resource for clinical studies and reports

Easily define and run sophisticated queries on the entire MetaVision patient database. Identify suitable candidates for clinical trials. Extract data for advanced research studies on topics like clinical trends, cost analysis and quality measurements.

Modify MetaVision, not your workflow

We can customize the system to reflect the way you work. From drug ingredients to procedure-specific layouts – system configuration is fast and easy. Need to make a change for the whole unit? Just for your workflow? Easily incorporate new processes at any point without additional development, reducing your total cost of ownership.

All the data all the time

Our platform integrates seamlessly with all major Hospital Information Systems (HIS): ADT, Labs, CPOE, drug cabinets, archive, billing, scheduling, PACS, LDAP, coding and more.

We handle integration with MEDITECH®, Cerner®, McKesson® or any other EMR.

We have drivers for over 250 medical devices, with the option of developing additional drivers available upon request.

  • Monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • Central Stations
  • Cardiac Output
  • Blood Gas Machines
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Heart Lung Machines
  • ECG
  • Hemoglobin Counters
  • Incubators
  • BIS
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Balloon Pumps
  • Volumetric Pumps
  • Oximeters

We support standard medical protocols

  • HL7 Messaging standard
  • HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • HL7 Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW)
  • IHE Device Enterprise Communication


Perform rounds

A panoramic overview of all your patients makes rounds faster and more effective. See key multi-patient information at a glance, including vital signs, lab results and reminders for pending medications and tasks. Quickly identify which patients need attention first. Easily document care plans throughout rounds.

Assess patient condition

MetaVision draws data from medical devices and hospital information systems every minute, and presents it as actionable information. The system helps assess patient progress by automatically performing calculations such as clinical scores and patient fluid balance. Easily navigate between individual patient records. Get a complete view of patients’ infections, with data from running lines, antibiotics as well as labs and microbiology results. Powerful decision support tools constantly scan the patient record and send timely notifications of changes in patient status or the need to adhere to protocols.

Plan care and manage medications

MetaVision offers advanced electronic medication management and supports the documentation of nursing tasks. The system enforces the use of hospital preferred drugs, helping control medication costs. When prescribing, the system simulates the expected impact on the patient, highlighting allergies, out of range medication doses, and other patient safety issues. Reminders are issued for on-time administration of fluid and medications. Nurses and Pharmacy can then easily document the prepared orders in MetaVision. When administering medication, barcode scanning and safety checks ensure that all information is correct.

Share information among caregivers

Easily document observations and shift summaries with dedicated notes, forms and reports that are automatically populated with data from the patient flow sheet. Improve communication with your colleagues via secure messaging. Caregivers from outside the ICU such as physiotherapists, infection management, dieticians, and the pain team can all access records of patients under their care.

Discharge and monitor

Reports are automatically populated with information captured during the patient’s stay. Mandatory fields help enforce completion of data required for billing or other governmental or regulatory purposes. Beyond the ICU, MetaVision provides a continuous record for general wards which incorporates tools for monitoring high acuity patients in lower acuity environments. Advanced rule-based alerts help prevent patient deterioration, costly complications and readmission to the ICU.

  • Perform rounds
  • Assess patient condition
  • Plan care and manage medications
  • Share information among caregivers
  • Discharge and monitor


Learn more

We support the unique workflows of high-need, data-rich neonatal ICUs

  • Drug and fluid management supporting micro-dosages
  • Automated fluid balance
  • Precise calculations of nutrition requirements
  • Newborn growth charts
  • Automatic population of nomograms
  • Continuous electronic record for NICUs and step-down nursery units

MetaVision helped Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois reduce malnutrition in their NICU. Find out how



Learn more

We support the unique workflows of high-need, data-rich pediatric ICUs 

  • Default drug dosages per patient weight, accurate down to the level of micrograms and nanograms
  • Default fluid concentrations specific to the PICU
  • Automatic display and calculation of precise fluid balance and secretion
  • Notifications about deviations from defined fluid balance, per patient’s treatment plan
  • Detailed display of nutrition status and needs integrated with lab results
  • Automatic calculation of data such as BMI and BSA
  • Automatic population of nomograms
  • PICU scores display such as PIM II

MetaVision helped Schneider Children’s Medical Center reduce prescription errors and potential adverse drug events in their PICU. Find out how


Improve patient safety with verification at every stage of the medication cycle: ordering, preparation, and administration. Prescribing is easier due to synchronization with third-party drug libraries. Confirm that all medication information is correct using barcode scanning. Control drug costs by ensuring the use of hospital preferred products. 


  • Length of stay reduced by 20% at Paul Brousse Hospital

    June 2014 | Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing Read More
  • Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven uses MetaVision to improve the quality and safety of tight glycemic control

    March 2011 | Intensive Care Medicine Read More
  • MetaVision helps reduce hypoglycemia and malnutrition in ICUs

    March 2011 | Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metaboli Read More
  • Study shows 31% reduced mortality rate using MetaVision

    April 2010 | Archives of Internal Medicine Read More
  • MetaVision CPOE significantly reduces prescribing errors and increases safety in the ICU at Papworth Hospital, UK

    Anesthesia | January 2010 Read More
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