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Anesthesia information management (AIMS)


Automate your anesthesia documentation with MetaVision Anesthesia – our Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS).

MetaVision seamlessly captures patient data, clinical events and clinician actions. The result? Accurate, compliant and billable anesthesia records.

Anesthesia records software


  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Reduce IT resources
  • Quick implementation
  • Stringent security, redundancy and privacy requirements
Electronic anesthesia documentation

Research more effectively with MetaVision


Many hospitals use the system as a resource for producing clinical research. Read abstracts of studies based on data extracted from MetaVision.


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  • Accurate

    Improve record quality with automatic data capture & calculations

  • Compliant

    Easily embed and enforce protocols: PQRS, SCIP & more

  • Billable

    Fewer rejected claims & increased charge capture 

  • Mobile

    Use mobile devices to work from anywhere

  • Fast & easy

    Intuitive user interface that mirrors your workflow

  • Reportable

    Use your data to document & improve performance

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Complement your EMR with the power of AIMS

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With the efficiency of surgical services so essential to both your patients’ and your healthcare facility’s health, you can’t afford to compromise on anesthesia information management. Minimize case cancellations, reduce patient complications, and shorten hospital stays with MetaVision. Achieve financial gains in the areas of pay-per-performance initiatives, billing, and operations. 

Using MEDITECH®, Cerner®, McKesson® or any other EMR? No problem! We will take care of the integration.


Own your AIMS

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Provide your own AIMS as you deliver care to multiple provider organizations, retaining your data on your patients. Easily document cases, report quality indicators, maximize reimbursement and shorten the reimbursement cycle.

Provide data to compete against your competition and to retain current contracts by demonstrating quantifiable results.


Throughout the anesthesia process and beyond

Facilitate pre-op documentation and assessment

MetaVision streamlines and digitizes the pre-op process for both clinicians and patients, ensuring that data is captured correctly and that scheduled surgeries proceed as planned. The complete record is available when patients arrive for surgery.

Track patient condition

MetaVision automatically captures system and device data every minute, and creates a comprehensive case summary populated with actionable information. The system sends smart notifications when specific changes in a patient’s condition are detected, enabling timely clinical responses.

Safely prepare and administer medications

MetaVision works with drug labeling systems to reduce medication errors. Get notifications for issues such as patient allergies, expired medications, recalled drugs or syringe swaps. Safety checks prevent wrong drug or dose. Innovative bar coding technology produces color labels that adhere to ASA guidelines.

A touch screen and dynamic tool bars help clinicians enter medication and fluids with a single touch or by scanning barcoded syringes, which are then displayed on the screen for review.

Plan transfer to Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Running infusions can be reviewed and documented, pre-defined sets of recovery orders can be easily recorded in one click, and treatment protocols can be registered via the system for reference in the PACU.

Track patients during recovery

Healthcare professionals in the PACU can access patients’ entire anesthesia record, and review and validate medications ordered by anesthesiologists. Patient discharge is easy with MetaVision: Forms, including clinical scores, are automatically populated with patient information, helping clinicians decide when a patient is ready to leave the unit.

Distribute securely and efficiently

Automatically share relevant case information with billers, healthcare facilities, pharmacies and anesthesia groups. Seamless interfacing with billing systems ensures that MetaVision’s rich source of clinical data is converted into billable claims, resulting in consistently high acceptance rates and shorter reimbursement cycles.

  • Facilitate pre-op documentation and assessment
  • Track patient condition
  • Safely prepare and administer medications
  • Plan transfer to Post Anesthesia Care Unit
  • Track patients during recovery
  • Distribute securely and efficiently
  • Pre-op
  • Intra-op
  • Post-op
  • Billing

Maximize the value of your data

Protocol-based alerts at the point of care

Enhance patient care with quality and safety checks. Get notifications about changes in patient status and risk for conditions such as PONV and malignant hyperthermia.

Improve compliance with reminders about quality-related actions such as SCIP antibiotic re-administration due to prolonged surgery.

Increase financial benefits with prompts about missing billing information and about alternative, less expensive medication options.


Collect and export data for key quality indicators such as SCIP, PQRS, SCOR and more

Decrease time spent on data collection. Identify and track departmental performance indicators. Easily comply with regulatory reporting requirements.

Rich data resource for clinical studies

Easily define and run data queries on the entire MetaVision patient database. Identify suitable candidates for clinical trials. Utilize data for advanced research studies on topics like clinical trends, cost analysis and quality measurements.

Modify MetaVision, not your workflow

We can customize the system to reflect the way you work. From drug ingredients to procedure-specific layouts – system configuration is fast and easy. Need to make a change for the whole unit? Just for your workflow? Easily incorporate new processes at any point without additional development, reducing your total cost of ownership.

All the data all the time

Our platform integrates seamlessly with all major Hospital Information Systems (HIS): ADT, Labs, CPOE, drug cabinets, archive, billing, scheduling, PACS, LDAP, coding and more.

We handle integration with MEDITECH®, Cerner®, McKesson® or any other EMR.

We have drivers for over 250 medical devices, with the option of developing additional drivers available upon request.

  • Monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • Central Stations
  • Cardiac Output
  • Blood Gas Machines
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Heart Lung Machine
  • ECG
  • Hemoglobin Counters
  • Incubators
  • BIS
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Balloon Pumps
  • Volumetric Pumps
  • Oximeters

We support standard medical protocols

  • HL7 Messaging standard
  • HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • HL7 Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW)
  • IHE Device Enterprise Communication

Document and report PQRS measures with MetaVision

Lehigh Valley Hospital achieved 99.6% compliance with Perioperative Temperature Management after implementing MetaVision. Massachusetts General Hospital now reports on Timely Administration of Prophylactic Parenteral Antibiotics in 99% of cases.

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Use an electronic white board for patient tracking, procedure scheduling, and reporting. Accelerate and simplify the tracking of patients while providing improved patient experience and better surgical outcomes.


Manage acute pain on the go with the MetaVision AIMS

Use MetaVision’s Acute Pain Service module on your tablet or laptop to quickly assess patient status and easily document the recommended course of treatment. 

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Effectively record and manage
perfusion data

Get a specialized Clinical Information System for perfusion. Easily document critical events, identify aberrations and institute best practices.

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  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital study shows that MetaVision may be used to optimize the process of preoperative blood ordering

    Anesthesiology | May 2013 Read More
  • Massachusetts General Hospital uses MetaVision to develop an intraoperative predictive model for unplanned postoperative intensive care use

    Anesthesiology | June 2013 Read More
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital meets Joint Commission requirements for handoffs with tool embedded in MetaVision

    International Anesthesiology Clinics | January 2013 Read More
  • MetaVision delivers complete anesthesia records for 99.6% cases at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Israel

    International Journal of Medical Informatics | January 2012 Read More
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